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LightWave Education is involved in the community through parternships, collaborations and service.  By coming together with other agencies we amplify the positive impact made in the Bakersfield community.  Our Light in the Community programs are based on an idea that a successful and fulfilling life is determined by how much the participant is willing to give. 



​The Children Defense Fund's Freedom School is a six-week summer literacy and leadership program for the youth in our community. These six weeks promote the intellectual, emotional, and personal growth of all individuals involved. Freedom School provides Bakersfield youth with a head start, a fair start, a healthy Start, a safe start and a moral start. 


Great leaders inspire great leadership in others.  Through our LightBeams program and personal coaching we celebrate self-empowerment and personal enrichment.  Each participant is a living example of strength and confidence and is a postivie role model for others to follow.


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